A Brand New Journey Begins

Today, my new life officially began. 

Shortly before the 2018 holiday season, I made the decision to gracefully exit the monotony of my every-day life and follow my heart's passion. I'd spent more than 15 years working for large, privately owned businesses, public companies, major multinational corporations, and mostly, major marketing agencies. I had learned so much along the way, honed my skills, evolved in my career and in my capabilities...but, could never shake the feeling that something wasn't quite right. And until recently, I was never able to put my finger on what that "missing thing" could possibly be.

Isn't it funny how, in the heat of any given moment, we can get so caught up in what's immediately in front of us, that we can -- and often do -- entirely forget who we are? The things we care about, and are passionate about, fall in our list of priorities behind the things we think we need to do. One stroll down the self-help aisles of the nearest Tattered Cover bookstore (a local Denver institution, and a personal favorite!) or local library will introduce you thousands of books, specifically written to tell you that things don't need to be this way. And yet we stay we are, tar-heeled and tongue tied, unable to shift our own mindsets to take the leap and achieve our dreams. We convince ourselves that those dreams are out of reach, because believing we can't is easier than accepting the challenges and risks associated with trying.

In December of 2018, I finally closed my eyes and asked myself, "what am I so afraid of?"  The answer that came back was astounding: it was nothing. My mind went completely blank, and the answer was nothing. I don't know what clicked, or why now, but for whatever reason, my answer to myself was that I wasn't afraid of anything anymore. I was just READY! As I embark on my new consulting career, I hope that I never forget that feeling. The moment when you realize that your life is yours, and your dreams are truly within your reach - it's remarkable.

I quickly realized that throughout my entire career, my happiest moments were the ones where I found ways to take everything I'd ever learned, and help people achieve their own dreams with that knowledge. I can't count the number of times that pure circumstance put me into contact with small business owners, entrepreneurs, folks just like YOU who were craving a strategy, or some marketing advice, and didn't feel like they had the resources available to obtain the support or services that they needed. I loved the moments when an independent artist would ask me how to market his one-man shop, or when students in my digital marketing classes at General Assembly Denver would ask if I could consult with them on their projects and new business ideas. Those were my favorite moments! The joy I felt every time I was able to share that hard-earned, global marketing experience with a builder, thinker, inventor, artist, or small business owner is a joy that I am now so very thrilled to pursue every day as a full-time career.

This, fine readers, is my first ever blog post for Insight DCS, my LLC and new consulting business. Today is my first ever day as a fully independent digital marketing consultant! I am so thoroughly and genuinely excited for each of you to join me in this crazy adventure. Thank you in advance for hearing my stories, and sharing yours. Together, we will mold this world into the magical place that we always believed it could be. 

Kristy LaPlante